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The Writing Room, Lyme Regis

One thing that feeds my soul is writing, and writing away from the screen it must be. It counteracts the never ending demands that glowing machine makes and the slighty ‘hazy’ and to be honest a little bit mucky feeling I get from overuse. The best antidote I have found is a tip I learned from that well known and uber inspiring book The Artists Way by Julia Cameron. Her Morning Pages are a well needed mental boost.  When you wake, write three pages (or as much as can manage, mine often one) of freehand and just let it flow. The words can be meaningful or just total gobbledygook. It is not about the quality of it (so absolutely no judging) but the act of allowing your mind and body to freely express. As the mind speaks, the hand flows. I also find it useful for helping my ability to write (for work) even when I am not remotely in the mood and duvet is calling, not desk.

What I need for this exercise is a really nice flowing ink pen and if I am feeling fancy, a proper notebook. Both by my bedside. My current fave being a Leuchtturm1917 notebook in fluoro orange. The Writing Room in Lyme Regis is the tiniest but most perfectly curated selection of stationery to help you along the writing journey. Notebooks (including Leuchtturm1917), pens of all descent, stampers, erasers, cards and beautifully arranged gift sets; you name it they have it, but in designs you have rarely seen before. The owner, Jan, has the most discerning eye and as an author herself, knows absolutely the best tools for the job.

Take note from the author E.L Doctorow and remember “Writing is a socially acceptable form of schizophrenia.” So go visit The Writing Room and set yourself up for a real release; just write and write and write. Oh and by the way, don’t read it. Best to throw it away, at least in the beginning, or the Lord of Mighty Judgement arises from the shadows. Be expressive and be kind to yourself. Enjoy.

  • Check website for opening times
  • Upcoming writing groups and events planned
  • Child friendly – lots of well priced treasures







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