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The Old Dairy Kitchen

Plating upThe thing that prompts me to get motivated to write my blog is often great food, but my kind of great food these days comes with an added level of magic to allow it to register in my catalogue of moments of pleasure.

That magic is meaning. Unless something has meaning and authenticity its value is reduced. Here comes the hippie speech. For many, I believe, we are disillusioned by the glitz and money grabbing machines of yesteryear. If there is passion behind it and somebody is living the dream, we want to be part of it. It makes us feel like we share something bigger; a community and a universe, not just individuals pushing to see what’s in it for them. Then we all have a bigger cause – not just a few people with their own invidual cause. Humans are designed to live in communities and thrive on a shared sense of purpose. It makes us (and everyone) feel good.

The Old Dairy Kitchen at Trill Farm has just that – run by charasmatic and entertaining chef Chris Onions (yes the name is real 🙂 ) everything oozes passion, love and a double dose of authenticity and meaning. It’s the sort of place Donald Trump should be sent to eat nettle frittata (which I ate btw – absolutely delicious) and bond with nature and humanity.

Chris has a multitude of uses for his brilliant cooking from working with a mental health charity to running courses to catering large events. His philosophy is that of local and seasonal: Chefs must take responsibility for the social and environmental effects their cooking has both locally and as part of the food system as a whole. He uses whatever he can from wherever he can find it. His main focus is on the beauty of vegetables, the meat or fish is not always the centre of the table.

On Wednesdays (£10) and Saturdays (£15) Chris does a set lunch. You sit at long wooden tables (with your friends if you want) and the food is served on plates to share. It always features his amazing sourdough bread and vegetables either foraged or from the on site Trill Farm vegetables run by the endearing Ash and Kate. Everything is delicious, I promise, and cooked with such care and love that every mouthful is a taste sensation. Last week I even had pudding (a dense marmalade chocolate cake) which is almost unheard of for me.

Book ahead – there are monthly evening feasts too which, of course, are unbelievably good. Thankfully, no sign of Trump (last time I checked anyway). All the more nettle frittata for us.

Dinner at The Old Dairy



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  1. Next time you look, I’ll be featuring in that communal table photograph . definitely going to visit this place thanks to your lovely description.

    May 7, 2016
    • VanessaB #

      Wonderful! Hope to see you there…x

      May 7, 2016
  2. So excited to eat here this week. The food is delicious and Chris has brought such a wonderful joyous energy to Trill. Great post and so true, this kind of passion and vision is inspiring!

    May 9, 2016
    • VanessaB #

      Thank you and glad you agree! Let us know how you get on this week x

      May 10, 2016

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