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Posts tagged ‘vegetarian’

The Old Dairy Kitchen

Plating upThe thing that prompts me to get motivated to write my blog is often great food, but my kind of great food these days comes with an added level of magic to allow it to register in my catalogue of moments of pleasure.

That magic is meaning. Unless something has meaning and authenticity its value is reduced. Here comes the hippie speech. For many, I believe, we are disillusioned by the glitz and money grabbing machines of yesteryear. If there is passion behind it and somebody is living the dream, we want to be part of it. Read more

Tierra Kitchen, Lyme Regis

Cute new cafe in Lyme near the Town Mill Bakery, its all veggie but they don’t make a song and dance of it…specials every day and delicious cakes/desserts too. Great value and a very nice wine selection too. Read more

Ganesha Wholefoods, Axminster

Word of warning to visitors of the area , Axminster still trades in 1950’s retailing hours ie. DO NOT expect many shops to be open on a Wednesday afternoon (some the morning too). This is a rule that I should have got to grips with by now but oh no, in the torrential rain I have just traipsed around the town cursing at every shop I need to visit. The store you can always rely on is Ganesha Wholefoods on South Street. For a small rural town it is a fantastic health food store, open normal (outside of Axminster) retailing hours and the shelves are always well stocked with a wide array of products and brands. Read more

Barley Day, Trill Farm, Musbury

Barley is officially my new superfood. Just come back from a morning of tasting mouthwatering barley recipes cooked by Daphne Lambert of Greencuisine at Trill Farm. An age old grain; so delicious and so nutritious, its health benefits are huge plus its really low in gluten. Makes amazing risotto and the flour is fab in cakes and biscuits. Had to be visibly restrained by my more sensible friend not to buy a 25kg sack of the flour and go into barley baking production. Tempting though.

  • Trill shop is open by appointment and on open days.
  • look out for the Trill Summer Festival coming up.