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Burton B BeachSo, I have taken up (sporadic) sea swimming. Here are my tips for basic survival and how to reap that magic from the experience.

1. Choose a sandy base to enter and exit the sea. If this option is not available then make sure you have some shoes to get you close to where you want to be. Swimming shoes are never the best way to go (trickier movement) unless you get some of those ‘Man from Atlantis’ webbed toe shoes. Then you are a professional. Read more

Charmouth Beach for kids on an Autumn day

3 very very happy small ones…super sunny,flat sand, tide right out so rock pool galore and lots of scientific experiments with sinking sand and wellies. Joy all round. Read more

The Spittles, Lyme Regis Back Beach

When you want to avoid the summer crowds The Spittles is the best escape. At low tide hundreds of rock pools are exposed and we have experienced many of moments of delight on discovering a rockpool treasure – crabs, limpets and little fish, the occasional starfish, plus a lot of seaweed. There is also great fossiling along the base of the (rather unstable) Blue Lias and clay cliffs. This is where Mary Anning (Lymes’ most famous resident) found her infamous Ichthyosaurus. Church beach is around the corner ,by the Marine Theatre and is a small refuge, especially in August.

  • Wear a shoe with grips for the rockpooling, barefoot not good.
  • Good spot for a beach barbeque.
  • ¬†You can walk to Charmouth along the beach from here, check tide times and allow 2 hours either side.
  • Take a small fossil hammer as kids love bashing up the loose Blue Lias rock.