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Posts tagged ‘stationery’

The Writing Room, Lyme Regis

One thing that feeds my soul is writing, and writing away from the screen it must be. It counteracts the never ending demands that glowing machine makes and the slighty ‘hazy’ and to be honest a little bit mucky feeling I get from overuse. The best antidote I have found is a tip I learned from that well known and uber inspiring book The Artists Way by Julia Cameron. Her Morning Pages are a well needed mental boost.  Read more

Axminster Printing, Axminster

How I love envelopes especially brown ones and those great old style wage envelopes. Even better when presented in a non merchandised , straight out of the box fashion so you can actually feel the paper quality. Axminster printing is an old school printers which pays no homage to advertising or branding and it works. If you can brave the alleyway entrance (complete with mouse droppings) you will find bargains galore. Plain paper pads of all sizes and I mean plain, no fancy spotty or glittery covers. Budget packs of white card and lots of those gorgeous different sized envelopes. It all feels like the leftovers of a print job which makes it even more satisfying. Move over WH Smith, you know nothing about retailing good stationery.

  • great value packs of card and craft materials for wet weather holiday days.
  • very competitively priced printer ink – now thats exciting.
  • slightly slow (West Country style) but well priced and reliable printing service.