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Burton B BeachSo, I have taken up (sporadic) sea swimming. Here are my tips for basic survival and how to reap that magic from the experience.

1. Choose a sandy base to enter and exit the sea. If this option is not available then make sure you have some shoes to get you close to where you want to be. Swimming shoes are never the best way to go (trickier movement) unless you get some of those ‘Man from Atlantis’ webbed toe shoes. Then you are a professional. Read more

Tennis by Toby

Have been attempting to perfect the art of tennis over the last year or so. After I got over the initial endless and typically British “sorry” every time the ball went skyward bound rather than skimming the net, my game has progressed rather well. That is totally due to the amazing coaching from Toby. Read more

Lyme Regis Gig Club

Sunday was the most beautiful day in a while and Lyme, as always, had its own special ambience a’ happenin’.

Out at sea were the Gig Clubs 3 boats; Rebel, Black Ven and Tempest, all made by local boatbuilder Gail McGarva. Looking splendid. Read more

The Tunnel Target Club

Something worrying has overcome me , a penchant for whisky and a new interest in guns. I must be turning into a country gent. Unless its a small mid life crisis which would add up if you include my sudden passion for my 9 year olds music: Taylor Swift (“Stay Stay Stay” does have some quite deep and meaningful lyrics you know). Read more