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The Writing Room, Lyme Regis

One thing that feeds my soul is writing, and writing away from the screen it must be. It counteracts the never ending demands that glowing machine makes and the slighty ‘hazy’ and to be honest a little bit mucky feeling I get from overuse. The best antidote I have found is a tip I learned from that well known and uber inspiring book The Artists Way by Julia Cameron. Her Morning Pages are a well needed mental boost.  Read more

Fruit and 2 Veg, Beaminster

Beaminster square in the centre of the town is picture perfect. The whole area has a rather well heeled feel to it with golden Dorset stone buildings and discreet signage. What it does have is a fantastic veg shop which stocks mainly local veg, all delicious, the bulk of which comes from their own small holding. Hence the produce is always spankingly fresh and kept at prices that compete with the supermarket. This is the kind of veg store that every town should have. A few doors down is a great butchers with organic and free range meat and a good selection of cheese. The ethically minded Co-op has a discreet store on the corner so you can stock up without having to go far or succumb to the dreaded supermarket.

  • Fruit and 2 Veg, 16 The Square, Beaminster
  • Closed Sundays and Saturday and Wednesday afternoons
  • Nick Tett Butchers, 19 The Square, Beaminster, open same hours as veg shop
  • For info on the town click here, Beaminster

Axminster Market, Axminster

Its a cold damp day in early May, never the best day to see Axminster but the Thursday market is busy with lots of interesting stalls including MacSorsons the Fishmongers, Leakers bakery plus a great quality & value veg stall. The suitcases were being sold by a proper rural chancer and the fact I found style in his display totally confounded him. Perhaps he is missing his vocation.

  • The Common Loaf (amazing world of spelt products) and Five Penny Farm inside River Cottage canteen.
  • Market on every Thursday.
  • Parking tough, try the Co-op car park.
  • Runs all year