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Walking and Talking Lyme Time


Some of my (and a West Country Julie Andrews) favourite things:

  1. Lunch
  2. Walking
  3. Talking
  4. People
  5. The Sea
  6. Lyme Regis
  7. Laughing
  8. Hugs
  9. Curiosity
  10. Dogs

If these are some of your favourite things then you can you can enjoy them all at an event led by best selling author, speaker and creativity expert Chris Baréz-Brown on May the 10th. The edible part of lunch isn’t included but the rest is. Hugging is preferable but optional. No money changes hands.

Read more

Hix Sculpture Trail Auction Dinner

Langmoor Gardens in Lyme Regis not only stands in the most desirable location in town with a panoramic view of Lyme Bay, but also has some award winning Californian style naturalistic planting and a super inspiring sculpture trail. Read more

Frank & Beans Please!

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 06.43.40

The start of the weekend and our Friday release took us on a post school trip to the most delicious gelateria, Frank & Beans in Lyme Regis. Excitement all round at the impending glacial hit and we even managed to lure hard toiling J away from his screen to join us for our treat and a stroll along the seafront. Quite the ‘Little England’ 1952 picturesque scene. Read more

Lyme Regis Sea Wall

lyme wallGreat excitement amongst all @lymeregis.

There is a new sea wall, a useful coastline protection that doubles up as a rather lovely walk from town beach, east towards Charmouth.

Perfect fishing spot… Read more

Hix Townhouse


Got a sneaky viewing of the new Hix Townhouse in Lyme Regis. It is so very Mark Hix in style; simple, stylish and eclectic with touches of wry humour. 8 rooms all styled differently, from the Hunting Room to the Garden Room to the quirky Mad Hatters Room. The interior styling was by Mark himself, from vintage finds, something he loves to do. Read more

Big Waves

The amazing photographer friend J, sent me these shots during yet another day of gusty winds and big white crested waves. J took a picture of someone taking a picture of the sea and getting caught by a wave. Read more

Food Rocks

Food does Rock, especially when Hix are involved…from the 7th – 9th September at various Lyme Regis locations, expect talks, cooking demos, kids activities and tastings from Superchefs and foodies such as Jack Stein, Angela Hartnett, Mitch Tonx, Mat Follas and the Don himself, Mark Hix. Read more

Lyme Regis Arts Fest, 2012

Forgive me but with the post holiday catch up, I have only just got around to this post. I just needed a moment where there wasn’t someone under the age of 8 talking to me (constantly).

Lyme Regis Arts Fest always uncovers a few hidden joys and we rather randomly found the lovely Paula Youens doing a flash doodle in the new shelters at the seafront. The 3 small ones loved the freedom of different mediums to scribble in and I got to browse her fantastic work. I especially love the lino prints and the simple charcoal work particularly her Birds, which me thinks would look rather splendid in the Winter makeover of The Studio. Read more

Crazy Golf and Table Tennis, Lister Gardens, Lyme Regis

Call me crazy but I love a bit of mini golf…my childhood holiday memories revolve around one particular course which had the most fantastic set up with windmills, pools and curving tunnels.  The Lyme course is more tasteful, as it would be, but still a lot of fun and has the most stunning location up in the Gardens above the seafront. With Hix on one side and the view of the Golden Cap on the other it kind of puts crazy golf into its own gentrified league. Follow it up with a quick game of ping pong at the adjacent tables (I know its really called table tennis but I couldn’t resist the jibe at my husband, an avid and pedantic player). You will have worked up a good appetite for tea and homemade crumpets at Hix.

  • open 7 days April-November
  • Winter months open weekends only
  • kids size clubs available
  • bring your own table tennis bats and balls



The Alexandra Hotel, Lyme Regis

Just been for a rather “ladies who lunch” kind of affair with the good friend K and the literary whizz. The Alexandra Hotel in the centre of Lyme has the most spectacular setting above the Gardens, an immaculate tree lined lawn overlooking Lyme Bay and a colonial feel to the building. On a super sunny day like today, it is to die for. It was all rather genteel with polite service, good food and the croquet set laid out on the lawn. We all opted for the chicken caesar salad (dressing on the side seeing as we are acting out that ladies role to the max) which was delicious and all in all it felt like a real treat lounging on the garden furniture and looking out at the panoramic view.

The genteel event was brought back to reality by the sound of a local builder working nearby delivering an enormous and deeply gutteral burp. He quite obviously didn’t have the free range chicken caesar salad with the dressing on the side. I’m thinking more a proper West Country pasty.