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Magical Cogden


Even though I live in one of the most beautiful places in the country, at times it can feel a little claustraphobic and the desire to ‘escape’ within my immediate periphery seeps in. Sometimes a jaunt around the back streets of Bridport can do the trick but if I want to properly ‘escape’ there is no finer place than Cogden Beach. I have mentioned this amazing spot in the past but it felt like a reminder was required… Read more

White White Abbotsbury Swans

Boy that was a bright vision, the keepers needed sunglasses just to get close for feeding time. Such a fantastic sight en masse….the swans new feathers had just grown in. Read more


Not new for local parents out there, but new to me! I always avoid children’s attractions, my kids will never see Disney World, miserable mother that I am. Was semi forced to Escot and a pleasant surprise it was all round. Read more

Tierra Kitchen, Lyme Regis

Cute new cafe in Lyme near the Town Mill Bakery, its all veggie but they don’t make a song and dance of it…specials every day and delicious cakes/desserts too. Great value and a very nice wine selection too. Read more

Red Devon Sea

A wild and blustery day at Sidmouth…and wow that sea churned with rich red Devon earth creates such an array of colour against the blue blue sky. We ran along the front, carved our names into the red cliffs (teaching the kids some urban ways) and let the wind push us back. Read more

Trill Farm, Easter Hunt

I love Trill, its a kind of hippyfied River Cottage. Less meat preparation and cider swilling, more vegetable loving and nettle tea sipping. This Easter weekend Read more

Beer Beach

Beer is one of those picturesque Devon seaside towns where life is easy and modern times haven’t arrived yet. The beach has enough to keep everyone happy for a day: boat rides, fishing trips, cafes, playground, walks but still feel they are in an unspoilt spot. It is also compact, you can keep an eye on meandering children.

Best spots: Read more

Floodlit Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens

3 children, 3 torches, 3 big coats and 2 parents, 2 camerasĀ  plus the obligatory glow sticks is the prep for a spooky evening. Abbotsbury Floodlit Gardens is billed as Enchanted and it definitely veers more toward that angle than spooky.The pheasants are settling for the night which gives an appropriate backdrop of noise and as you follow the candlelit path a kind of Tolkein theme develops. But to a 6 year old its still really spooky…. Read more

Charmouth Beach for kids on an Autumn day

3 very very happy small ones…super sunny,flat sand, tide right out so rock pool galore and lots of scientific experiments with sinking sand and wellies. Joy all round. Read more

Lyme Regis Arts Fest, 2012

Forgive me but with the post holiday catch up, I have only just got around to this post. I just needed a moment where there wasn’t someone under the age of 8 talking to me (constantly).

Lyme Regis Arts Fest always uncovers a few hidden joys and we rather randomly found the lovely Paula Youens doing a flash doodle in the new shelters at the seafront. The 3 small ones loved the freedom of different mediums to scribble in and I got to browse her fantastic work. I especially love the lino prints and the simple charcoal work particularly her Birds, which me thinks would look rather splendid in the Winter makeover of The Studio. Read more