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Posts tagged ‘jurassic coast’

Frank & Beans Please!

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 06.43.40

The start of the weekend and our Friday release took us on a post school trip to the most delicious gelateria, Frank & Beans in Lyme Regis. Excitement all round at the impending glacial hit and we even managed to lure hard toiling J away from his screen to join us for our treat and a stroll along the seafront. Quite the ‘Little England’ 1952 picturesque scene. Read more

Maiden Castle


My long suffering husband J didn’t get out much when he was a child growing upĀ  in Dorset. The kids and I endure long stints of him reminiscing about the trips he did do, most of which were within a 30 mile radius of his home. We indulged him the other day with a visit to Maiden Castle and we got the sense of freedom that he must have experienced as a kid. Read more

Serendip Bookshop, Lyme Regis

With the opening of WH Smith in Lyme Regis looming on the horizon its time to give the big up to the fantastic independent bookshop Serendip. With light filled interiors, incredibly efficient and knowledgable service, its a win win. They can order any book you like…not like Dorset Library Service who will only order new books if they are written by British authors (mmmm). So children, you can learn about the big wide world if you visit Serendip.

  • large selection of fiction and non fiction books, browsing welcome
  • lots of local maps and information
  • gifts and cards also for sale
  • Serendip Books, 11 Broad Street tel: 01297 442594