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Floodlit Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens

3 children, 3 torches, 3 big coats and 2 parents, 2 cameras¬† plus the obligatory glow sticks is the prep for a spooky evening. Abbotsbury Floodlit Gardens is billed as Enchanted and it definitely veers more toward that angle than spooky.The pheasants are settling for the night which gives an appropriate backdrop of noise and as you follow the candlelit path a kind of Tolkein theme develops. But to a 6 year old its still really spooky…. Read more

Abbotsbury Swannery

My youngest has a fear of most animals which is getting worse. I recently caught him with his equally unbrave friend running in panic from a tiny kitten that strayed into the garden. Hence the 600 year old Abbotsbury Swannery holds some kind of retinence with him and to be honest I am with him in some ways (aggressive birds is an understatement). I try to talk over mention of the time we watched wide mouthed in London as a dog having a swim was almost drowned by a pair of new parent swans. However, in context (and standing well back) swans en masse are an amazing sight especially in such a tranquil setting as the estuary along Chesil beach.

Mole Avon Stores, Axminster

Mole Avon is my new favourite store. Very worrying really and even though Selfridges isn’t such a distant memory, I simply cannot remember its appeal.¬† Who needs Manolos when you can browse row after row of wellies. It has an air of John Lewis about it (always loved those window displays) with a West Country lack of order. There are aisles of fascinating tools and equipment which suddenly seem essential to life.¬† There is also something so lovely about a department purely based on brushes. Every size and every suitability. It has only taken me 2 years to confidently stride to the counter and ask for a 20 kg bag of mixed corn WITHOUT asking the shop assistant a question along the lines of “what do chickens eat”.

  • small garden centre
  • fantastic selection of agricultural themed toys for tractor mad kids
  • West Country opening hours so 8am to 4pm and closed Sundays