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Not new for local parents out there, but new to me! I always avoid children’s attractions, my kids will never see Disney World, miserable mother that I am. Was semi forced to Escot and a pleasant surprise it was all round. Read more

Jonny Does Dinner, with Alice

Put the following 4 things together and what do you get? :  invite from 2 of my most entertaining friends, delicious supper , amazing (secret) location, good company known and unknown. A GREAT TIME. Read more

Great Seaside B and B, Branscombe

B and B’s can always be a bit risky…with Great Seaside you can’t go wrong. Amazing views and amazing reviews. A few friends have stayed there and all loved it. Read more

Lamberts Castle, Marshwood Vale

The tranquil setting of Lamberts Castle always gives me a real feeling of escape. With Winters light streaming though the trees and a huge vista down to the sea at Charmouth it feels a very special place. Read more

Wheelright Inn, Colyford

Its my birthday and so am treated to a lunch out at the Wheelright Inn by B and GG. Good pub food, pleasant service and an okay interior decor is hard to find easily in the Lyme area but the Wheelright ticks those boxes. Service is cheery and efficient and the highlight is the Heston style triple cooked chips. So delicious and apparently, according to GG (whom you dont argue with), terribly good for you compared to a regular chip. No fat adheres to the chip during that triple frying process then. Hmmm, I think if I ate them every day my hips may not squeeze so easily through the quaint Devon pub door as they did today.

  • food served all day so great for that en route holiday journey or feeding kids early
  • only a small garden out front on the road
  • book for dinner at weekends
  • Wheelright Inn, High Street, Colyford

Harbour Inn, Lyme Regis

Lunch again with the literary whizz , its a habit I may need to break. She gives me writing tips and I bore her with blog ideas. Not the fairest swap it seems.We are at The Harbour Inn which has the best beachfront setting in Lyme. The most picturesque (small) veranda and, on the beach, a picnic table area so kids can roam whilst you irresponsibly drink vino. The food is consistently good and its open all year, so perfect for that night you arrive on holiday, for lunch/supper.

  • You can’t book the veranda so get there early if you want the best spot.
  • Can book the inside window seat which is the best interior table.
  • Relaxed menu so can order as little or as much as you want; kids menu too.
  • Harbour Inn, Cobb end of the seafront.

Stone Balancer, Lyme Regis

“It’s stuck with glue” is the most frequent comment you overhear from the onlookers of the Stone Balancer on Lyme Regis beach. What I would like to shout is “Of course it b**** isn’t, what would the point of that be?” and so lucky we are that Stone Balancing isn’t my trade. Adrian, the Stone Balancing man, patiently removes a stone and replaces it, generally to a round of applause. There are still disbelievers mind you. Its a beautiful thing and I wonder if Adrians allergy to electricity gives him super balancing powers. Either that or he has shares in Superglue.

  • Find him on the main beach along the promenade by Rinkytinks cafe.
  • He is there always on high days and holidays and most of the high Summer months.
  • To take a photo you need to buy a card.
  • Stone Balancing for other venues and information.


River Cottage, Get Growing

Apologies for the photos… I would love to say that my excuse was over consumption of rough cider and spending my time getting carried away with the Morris Men but for the uptight city girl no such luck. I was just having such a great time hanging out and chatting I forgot about the blog and my photo taking which I shouldn’t have done as it was perfect photographic conditions: super sunny and lots of interesting rural activities. A tractor ride down to get you in the swing of things, local producers stalls, growing advice and seed planting, kids activities and great food. All in a fab setting.

  • perfect for all ages
  • lots of different day and weekend events or courses
  • dinner on Friday or Saturday nights
  • book all ahead

Mole Avon Stores, Axminster

Mole Avon is my new favourite store. Very worrying really and even though Selfridges isn’t such a distant memory, I simply cannot remember its appeal.  Who needs Manolos when you can browse row after row of wellies. It has an air of John Lewis about it (always loved those window displays) with a West Country lack of order. There are aisles of fascinating tools and equipment which suddenly seem essential to life.  There is also something so lovely about a department purely based on brushes. Every size and every suitability. It has only taken me 2 years to confidently stride to the counter and ask for a 20 kg bag of mixed corn WITHOUT asking the shop assistant a question along the lines of “what do chickens eat”.

  • small garden centre
  • fantastic selection of agricultural themed toys for tractor mad kids
  • West Country opening hours so 8am to 4pm and closed Sundays



Jacobs Beach, Sidmouth

Deep blue sky and red Devon earth make for a striking contrast of colour. Jacobs Beach is to the West of Sidmouth and away from the  crowds on the main promenade. At low tide you can walk round on the sand, at high tide there is a seafront walk which clings to the cliffs. Good cafe with a vast selection of gargantuan homemade cakes in the gardens if you climb the Jacobs Ladder (fancy name for the wooden steps). The old beach huts, locked away in Winter to avoid the battering of pebbles, look worth a visit when the temperature rises.

  •  nearest parking, Sidmouth Hill.
  • dogs allowed in the Winter months.
  • cafe open all year,
  • gardens of cafe good enclosed space for children.