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Hix Sculpture Trail Auction Dinner

Langmoor Gardens in Lyme Regis not only stands in the most desirable location in town with a panoramic view of Lyme Bay, but also has some award winning Californian style naturalistic planting and a super inspiring sculpture trail. Read more

Cogden Beach

In my Summer ,which mainly involves complete chaos combined with a lot of fun, the Autumn catch up can take a while before I get in the swing of things.

Hence I found some forgotten photos taken in August which sent me straight back to a beautiful sunny spot… Read more

Red Devon Sea

A wild and blustery day at Sidmouth…and wow that sea churned with rich red Devon earth creates such an array of colour against the blue blue sky. We ran along the front, carved our names into the red cliffs (teaching the kids some urban ways) and let the wind push us back. Read more

Great Seaside B and B, Branscombe

B and B’s can always be a bit risky…with Great Seaside you can’t go wrong. Amazing views and amazing reviews. A few friends have stayed there and all loved it. Read more

Fleet Lagoon, Weymouth

Where Weymouth meets Portland is the start of the Fleet Lagoon: Chesil Beach rises up along the length of it with water either side.  Here are the still active oyster beds and isolated fishermens huts with slipways into the lagoon run along the waters edge. In grey Winter light it feels like a time long gone. Bring wellies if you want to walk along the coastal path here: a great walk with views along the Chesil.

Really wanted to go to the Crab House Cafe Read more

Charmouth Beach for kids on an Autumn day

3 very very happy small ones…super sunny,flat sand, tide right out so rock pool galore and lots of scientific experiments with sinking sand and wellies. Joy all round. Read more

Arts Cafe, Seaton

Two hours of tennis at the Seaton tennis club, having played a handful of times over the last 20 years, demands some kind of reward. The dilemma is being stranded in Seaton which does not boast an array of fine eating establishments. If anyone knows better then please let me know!

The Arts Cafe sounds great on paper but from the exterior needs a bit of TLC and the interior simplifying . The menu is very long and the implication is too much choice means no chef can deliver it all fresh and well cooked. It is good to be proved wrong. My greek salad was delicious had been prepared with a lot of love and the literary (now sporty) whizz declared the courgette fritters spot on. Sitting on the small (and slightly worn) terrace on a super sunny Autumn day, it was perfect. Read more

Exmouth Beach, The Geoneedle, Orcombe Point

Stick East in Exmouth and all will be well. Miles of sand and at low tide the most Cornish of beaches appears; rock pools and fresh sand with not a soul in sight but with a steep cliff of rich red Devon earth.

There is a great walk up the cliff to The Geoneedle either via path from the road or via a beautiful rusted ladder from the beach only exposed at low tide, it must have many an aquatic tale to tell. Read more

Nowhereisland, Exmouth and various locations

Just planning some Summer things to do and on my list is the Nowhereisland project. The concept is: artist Alex Hartley finds a recently revealed island in Norway and registers it on all maps then brings the island on a tour of the UK for the Olympics and creates a new nation. You can register as a citizen and get involved  in policy making for the nations future. The island will travel with an Embassy which is full of activities, resources and artefacts telling the full story of the islands origins and journey. For the design orientated the website is worth a look if not just for its most fantastic graphics. Read more

Lyme Regis Museum

What to do on yet another wet day….Lyme Regis Museum is a deceptively good museum with a great view. Beautiful old and well maintained building steeped in history itself. Lots and lots about fossils (of course), dinosaurs and Mary Anning, the Queen of the Jurassic Coast. Really well curated and surprisingly fascinating. Good with kids, an interactive section, plus in school holidays there are arts and crafts days. Put your mac back on and run across the road to the Town Mill Bakery on Coombe Street for cake after.