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Posts tagged ‘bread’

Axminster Market, Axminster

Its a cold damp day in early May, never the best day to see Axminster but the Thursday market is busy with lots of interesting stalls including MacSorsons the Fishmongers, Leakers bakery plus a great quality & value veg stall. The suitcases were being sold by a proper rural chancer and the fact I found style in his display totally confounded him. Perhaps he is missing his vocation.

  • The Common Loaf (amazing world of spelt products) and Five Penny Farm inside River Cottage canteen.
  • Market on every Thursday.
  • Parking tough, try the Co-op car park.
  • Runs all year



Dorset Knob Biscuits, Moores Bakery, Morecombelake

I really shouldn’t find it funny but I do EVERY time I see the packaging. Its the terrible juvenile humour I can’t seem to shake off. Hymns at school used to keep me entertained for hours whenever the word “breast” was sung so I suppose the “Dorset Knob” is only a natural progression. At least I hope so.

To be honest I don’t think they are that delicious (good with cheese) but none the less well worth the purchase just for that tin. Baked by Moores Bakery, Morcombelake and available at their shop plus most other independent food stores in Dorset.



Lunch at Town Mill Bakery, Lyme Regis

Back at my favourite Bakery to meet a literary friend for lunch, after a miserable wet and windy walk. I cannot get through the day without a walk and will brave every weather condition, even if it means arriving for a lunch date with wet limp hair pasted across my forehead, muddy boots and an anorak. Having earlier forced the children to walk to school in these conditions and arriving with at least one in tears, I feel proud of my gung ho attitude. Such great parenting skills I have.

The literary whizz has a mixed root veg bake and I have a sweet potato, chickpea and lemongrass soup. Bread is foregone by both to reduce the Winter bulge. Its all delicious. I photograph the amazing cakes and even though that damned lemon polenta is shouting out at me, I keep it purely 2 dimensional. For today.

  • lunch everyday, except Monday, 12:30 – 2:30
  • only soup on Sundays (pizza too in the Summer months)
  • all vegetarian