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Kathrens Rare Knitwear


I have been terribly remiss with this blog for the last few months. Days have been swallowed up by a myriad of activities which seem to now hold no memory in my mind. They can’t have been as important as they seemed at the time. A more pressing matter is to share the secret that is Kathrens Rare Knitwear.

This shop sells not just knitwear; the rare translates as art. Wearable art.  Read more

Food Rocks

Food does Rock, especially when Hix are involved…from the 7th – 9th September at various Lyme Regis locations, expect talks, cooking demos, kids activities and tastings from Superchefs and foodies such as Jack Stein, Angela Hartnett, Mitch Tonx, Mat Follas and the Don himself, Mark Hix. Read more

Clipper Teas, Beaminster

Great packaging, great product plus Clipper care about their workers and the environment, so it ticks a lot of boxes. Based in Beaminster its not strictly Jurassic Coast but it is definitely My Jurassic Coast and their presence locally is big, as it should be.

Try the lemon and ginger infusion, its delicious…

  • products available in local independent grocery stores in the area
  • coffee, teas and chocolates
  • Clipper store at the head office open 9-4 Monday to Friday.
  • online shop

Origami Swan Mural, Lyme Regis

This has probably been there for years but never spotted it before….I had to do a double take from a distance.


Dorset Knob Biscuits, Moores Bakery, Morecombelake

I really shouldn’t find it funny but I do EVERY time I see the packaging. Its the terrible juvenile humour I can’t seem to shake off. Hymns at school used to keep me entertained for hours whenever the word “breast” was sung so I suppose the “Dorset Knob” is only a natural progression. At least I hope so.

To be honest I don’t think they are that delicious (good with cheese) but none the less well worth the purchase just for that tin. Baked by Moores Bakery, Morcombelake and available at their shop plus most other independent food stores in Dorset.



Trill Farm, Musbury

We are on a well deserved day out, myself, K and T. The aim of the day is to get some new ideas on living with food allergies and intolerances from the nutritional guru Daphne Lambert of Greencuisine. Daphne is running courses from stunningly located Trill Farm for a year whilst she writes a cookery book. Trill is an amazing charitable set up, run by Romy Fraser  (ex Neals Yard founder), who promote  sustainable healthy living and eating. Everything is done with great passion and rustic eco style. They also have great branding; love the brightly coloured simple imagery.

Highlight of the day is a vitamin packed organic lunch of quinoa salad and rye sourdough followed by a lemon and rosewater almond cake. A stroll through the sunlit woods to view the outdoor yoga platform refreshes for another stint in the kitchen in the afternoon. K, T and I get very excited about dehydrating veg (great when you have a glut and so delicious) and a little overwhelmed at the concept of making your own hemp milk. I am sticking to my Rice Dream.

We leave with some great new tips which we resolve to stick to. For now, at least.

  • Courses run all year and there is a fab Summer Festival in July.
  • Shop and e shop selling products from the farm.

Millers Farm Shop

We have run out of kindling for the woodburner. If we were proper hardy country folk this would mean a meander into the woods to find our own small dry twigs to ignite our fire. However, as we are soft, wet townies our foraging involves Millers Farm Shop and a jolly farmer who carries it to your car. The upside to this also means a few indulgent purchases from this, huge and ever expanding,  unpretentious farm shop. A lot of the vegetables come from their farm and are well priced and delicious. They have a similar set up in France so the shelves are laden with French produce; cheese, yoghurt, hams and tarts. Locally sourced meat inside and the Lyme Watch House fish shop outside.

Its a one stop shop.

  • Big sign on the A35 in Kilmington, 2 miles west from Axminster.
  • Small cafe serving coffee and cakes (restaurant opening Summer’12).
  • Has camping gas, logs, coal etc and kindling, of course.
  • Really helpful staff.



Lunch at Town Mill Bakery, Lyme Regis

Back at my favourite Bakery to meet a literary friend for lunch, after a miserable wet and windy walk. I cannot get through the day without a walk and will brave every weather condition, even if it means arriving for a lunch date with wet limp hair pasted across my forehead, muddy boots and an anorak. Having earlier forced the children to walk to school in these conditions and arriving with at least one in tears, I feel proud of my gung ho attitude. Such great parenting skills I have.

The literary whizz has a mixed root veg bake and I have a sweet potato, chickpea and lemongrass soup. Bread is foregone by both to reduce the Winter bulge. Its all delicious. I photograph the amazing cakes and even though that damned lemon polenta is shouting out at me, I keep it purely 2 dimensional. For today.

  • lunch everyday, except Monday, 12:30 – 2:30
  • only soup on Sundays (pizza too in the Summer months)
  • all vegetarian