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Kathrens Rare Knitwear


I have been terribly remiss with this blog for the last few months. Days have been swallowed up by a myriad of activities which seem to now hold no memory in my mind. They can’t have been as important as they seemed at the time. A more pressing matter is to share the secret that is Kathrens Rare Knitwear.

This shop sells not just knitwear; the rare translates as art. Wearable art.  Read more

Soulshine Cafe


A couple of friends recommended Soulshine to me over the last few months and I managed to make it over there recently on a rainy Saturday morning attempting Bridport market. When I opened the door the staff were greeted by a mini scream of excitement from a very wet My Jurassic Coaster and a trail of equally sodden small people. Read more

On The Rivet

PoolCycling is so hip, it aches. Suddenly I am interested in the lifestyle and the clothes; a pocket at the back of my top seems essential. According to British Cycling, their members have grown by 50% since 2012. We are all loving cycling. Quite right too, it ticks all the boxes; exercise, fresh air, freedom, travel and fun. Read more

Yoga Space

YS_SOLID_PINKYoga is something I have missed here in the West Country. There are some wonderful teachers but I have never quite found that connection with one, who does the style of yoga I love.

Until now! Amazing new light filled barn conversion studio just outside Bridport. The icing on the cake is the stunning view of that famous and well documented spot, Colmers Hill. It is perfectly framed through huge glass doors behind the teacher. It’s yoga with an idyllic rural glow. Read more

Street Wisdom

610_5577The New Year saw a special event occur in the one of the Street Wisdom homelands, Lyme Vegas, formerly known as Lyme Regis and renamed due to its auspicious energy and light! Street Wisdom is a free event to help people find inspiration and make connections from their immediate surroundings. You come armed with a question you would like to explore, something not too big or too small but something you would like to resolve. Read more

Italia, Lyme Regis

Italian food in the UK is like fish and chips, it is only worth eating when it is well executed hence can be hard to find, but this new simple restaurant on Coombe Street hits the mark. Everything seems delicious and the pizza a thin based authentic delight. Takeaways available too for those lazy evenings in or al fresco beachside nights. To add the icing to the cake, they are great with kids. Open at 5:30 with a small persons special menu. Read more

Fossil Hunting Charmouth


Forgive the tardiness in the writing up of this post. The clement weather seems to have made time just fly away, less hibernating more doing. Great.

It was end August and the day started cold and rainy. The rendezvous point was the Soft Rock Café (yes it’s real), Charmouth Beach; friend and her 2 plus my 3 small ones and a plethora of people in anoraks keen to learn about fossils.  Read more

Lyme Regis Sea Wall

lyme wallGreat excitement amongst all @lymeregis.

There is a new sea wall, a useful coastline protection that doubles up as a rather lovely walk from town beach, east towards Charmouth.

Perfect fishing spot… Read more

Trill Summer Cocktail Party


As you may have read in the past, I am always a sucker for a Trill event and this one ticks ALL the boxes.

Botanical cocktails, seasonal canapés and music all amongst the haven of tranquility and sustenance that is Trill.

(And the best branding in town…)

They are taking a break from the fab Trill Summer Festival this year so this should help to fill that gap. Read more

Jonny Does Dinner

My Jurassic Coast is a big fan of Jonny Does Dinner. In fact, whatever Jonny Does…it is always good.

New website, new look and new venues for those delicious and stylish pop up suppers.

Check out

The polytunnel is the one for me.