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Jonny Does Walkies and Delicious Suppers


Fashion friend D and I ventured out on coastal hike on a super sunny morning, the kind of weather we are so getting used to now. D and I looked the part at the start, I think she even had a rucksack and I had trail mix. So with the whole hiking scenario we were. Led by the super fit and ever charismatic Jonny, that is of Jonny does Dinner and his equally fit and perky dog Ralph.

The hike started at the Norman Lockyer Observatory and ended at The Fountainhead in Branscombe, following the coastal path all the way. Stunning uninterrupted views along the whole journey and a brief rest on Weston beach to nibble on the trail mix and admire the Grecian quality the deserted beach acquired with the blue blue sky.

There was a lot of heavy breathing from D and I on the second cliff climb (none from Jonny or Ralph) but we felt totally invigorated and inspired, especially after half a cider at The Fountainhead.

  • Jonny now doing “pop up” catered weekends at your home or holiday house.
  • Book ahead, the weekends are popular.
  • Weston beach great picnic spot away from the crowds.
  • Whole walk about 3 hours.



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