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Jailhouse Cafe, Portland

My recent fascination with prisons has been fuelled by a brush with the feds on the way back from the big smoke. They were playing the whole good cop, bad cop scenario and I even got my rights read to me, which in front of my 3 small kids was a very proud parenting moment. Social services en route as we speak. Coupled with having to attend a Speed Awareness Course the day after (which I LOVED by the way; fun, interactive and huge amount of learning, I have been boring people rigid about it ever since), I think a visit to the Jailhouse Cafe at the Verne, Portland is in order. Just to put a bit of fear in me. I reckon I would last about 20 minutes as a prisoner, possibly less.

The Jailhouse Cafe gets the most AMAZING reviews, anyone out there been yet?

Am planning my trip as we speak so will keep this post updated.






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