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Fossil Hunting Charmouth


Forgive the tardiness in the writing up of this post. The clement weather seems to have made time just fly away, less hibernating more doing. Great.

It was end August and the day started cold and rainy. The rendezvous point was the Soft Rock Café (yes it’s real), Charmouth Beach; friend and her 2 plus my 3 small ones and a plethora of people in anoraks keen to learn about fossils.  The leader and font of all fossiling knowledge was Nigel. Nigel was fun. He spun a very good tale of the evolution of the Jurassic era and my kids were amazingly kept captivated (fossils feature frequently on the curriculum at a school on the Jurassic Coast).

We then went on to dig for treasure at the West end of the beach near a recent landslip. The sun suddenly came out and it was heaven. Bright blue sky and August heat. Now I have always been a bit lacking in any passion for the fossils but we all got the digging bug, me included. Nigel showed us what and where to dig and we found hundreds! Plus 2 golden ammonites which got a thumbs up from Nigel.

Mucky hands, sunburnt noses and bags of treasure. Happy all round.

Fossil walk 1


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